Star Wars The Black Series Gets New Packaging and Figures This Fall

Hasbro has given Star Wars collectors a fun treat this afternoon with the reveal of all new packaging for The Black Series line, including a long-awaited Rebels character…

I know it sounds crazy, but I am absolutely over the moon excited about getting a new look on the Black Series packaging. As a collector who rarely (if ever) takes things out of the box, oftentimes the packaging is a big factor for what I pick up.

When this collectible line first started the packaging was updated pretty much on an annual basis (as is the case with most the Star Wars toys). For some reason, however, they’ve been stuck on the red box look for the series since 2015. As such, today reveal of all new packaging is very exciting for me!

First up, all of the Star Wars Rebels figures are getting repackaged (and bringing in updated paint) and includes the long rumored Zeb figure (the only member of the Ghost crew that hadn’t been released). So you can finally complete that aspect of your collection:

What I love most about this packaging, is that the art on the side of the box is designed to work together with one another so you get something of a mural when lined up. For fellow “in box” collectors like me, this opens up even more display options. Even better, the boxes seem to be color-coded to lump figures from the same movie/show together:

So if you’re looking to pick up figures from a specific movie, you have something that ties them all together. I think I’m in love with these.

All the figures shown off today are slated to arrive this Fall, but they are available for pre-order now directly from Hasbro Pulse (or other only retailers). Will you be picking these up?

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