Survive or Slaughter in New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tabletop Game

Funko Games has announced a new addition to their line of board games, this time bringing the terror of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to your tabletop.

As we inch closer to the 50th anniversary of the iconic slasher, everyone is getting in on the “fun” of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. From the upcoming video game, and now a new tabletop experience from Funko set to arrive this September!

Leading tabletop games developer Funko Games announced the upcoming release of their chilling survival game The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Slaughterhouse. As the 50th anniversary of the popular horror franchise arrives next year, diehard fans and tabletop enthusiasts alike will have the chance to celebrate the seminal franchise with a game that will keep them on the edge of their seats!

In this all-out game, you, the player, have two options – survive or die trying, at least on the gameboard. While the ferocious Sawyer family is played by one player, the other players will play as unfortunate travelers doing everything they can to not be the next victims. It’s a game that lets players feel like a part of the world of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all without the high stakes.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Slaughterhouse

It’s a one-vs-many fight for survival! One person plays as the deranged Sawyer family, dragging victims to their farmhouse and harvesting their meat for a grizzly barbecue.

The other players are the unwitting trespassers, doing everything they can to escape a hideous fate. But in this game, there are no winners—there are only survivors.

Will you make it out alive, or end up on the menu?

Ages 13+ for 2-5 players

MSRP: $29.99

Pre-orders for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Slaughterhouse are live now directly on FunkGames or through Amazon (affiliate link).

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