The Force Awakens Toy Images Leak Out and Wallets Everywhere Cry Out

Over the last couple weeks, as retailers began getting their stock of The Force Awakens merchandise in preparation for Force Friday on September 4th, leaks of the new items have been hitting.  While we’ve seen some bobble heads and glimpses at the Black Series six inch figures, the MAIN action figures have remained a mystery…until today. 

{gallery}TFA Toys{/gallery}

From what myself and others have heard, Wal-Mart goofed and seems to have broken the embargo big time by putting all these figures up on the shelves.  So yeah, it’s no wonder they’re now flooding the internet.  While nothing here is too revealing, aside from some new characters (Constable Zuvio) and general “army builders”, it is still really damn exciting to see them.  

While these aren’t the highest quality images, the figures look great.  Even with only 5 points of articulation, the attention to detail in the scuplts are impressive and better than Hasbro’s done with this size of figure in a while.  They’re not holding back.  Apparently there is an “armor” series that was rumored, which appear to be deluxe versions of the characters, coming with some armor to put on top of them.  

We’ll continue to update this as more leaks happen, and if any official high resolution photos come out, so be sure to check back with us!  In the meantime, which of these are you hoping to snag in September when they launch?  


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