Toy Review Tuesday: Star Wars Black Series Elite Tie Fighter

At a convention this past weekend temptation was strong as I found a good deal on a Star Wars The Black Series Special Forces TIE Fighter. This thing is kind of a mixed bag. It’s detailed, can fit two characters, and it’s an awesome update on the Tie Fighter design, but for the price you’re paying (because it’s huge), there’s not a lot of features on this. A few rotating guns, no sound effects, and a figure. Don’t get me wrong! It’s cool to have a vehicle in this huge scale and is a nice niche piece.  Let’s talk about it a little more: 

Collectors be warned, this thing takes up a ton of space. With that out of the way, HOLY CRAP BIG ASS TIE FIGHTER!! A highly detailed cockpit that can seat two figures though it can be a bit difficult due to the space confines. On top of that you get a six inch Tie pilot with a few extra paint apps to differ it from the standard release of the figure. I cannot say run out and grab this thing.  Instead try and find it at a good price and ensure there’s room in your collection for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make some space.

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-Jason The X

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