Everything Is Canon: Everything Within And In Between

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is talking to author Nikki Barthelmess all about her new book, Everything Within and In Between, which is described as, “Color Me In meets I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter in Everything Within and In Between, a deeply honest coming-of-age story about reclaiming a heritage buried under assimilation, the bonds within families, and defining who you are for yourself. Everything Within and In Between is a powerful new young adult novel about one young woman’s journey to rediscover her roots and redefine herself from acclaimed author Nikki Barthelmess.”

Here’s the summary…

For Ri Fernández’s entire life, she’s been told, “We live in America and we speak English.” Raised by her strict Mexican grandma, Ri has never been allowed to learn Spanish.
What’s more, her grandma has pulled Ri away from the community where they once belonged. In its place, Ri has grown up trying to fit in among her best friend’s world of mansions and country clubs in an attempt try to live out her grandmother’s version of the “American Dream.”
In her heart, Ri has always believed that her mother, who disappeared when Ri was young, would accept her exactly how she is and not try to turn her into someone she’s never wanted to be. So when Ri finds a long-hidden letter from her mom begging for a visit, she decides to reclaim what Grandma kept from her: her heritage and her mom.
But nothing goes as planned. Her mom isn’t who Ri imagined she would be and finding her doesn’t make Ri’s struggle to navigate the interweaving threads of her mixed heritage any less complicated. Nobody has any idea of who Ri really is—not even Ri herself.

Using her own life experiences, EVERYTHING WITHIN AND IN BETWEEN explores the dynamics of being a child of mixed heritage and navigating the “in between” of biracialism with tight messaging, important themes, and thoughtful character work.

Steve and Nikki talk about her time in foster care, how she pulled elements from her own life and incorporated them into the story, allyship, EVERYTHING WITHIN AND IN BETWEEN of course, and much, much more.

EVERYTHING WITHIN AND IN BETWEEN is out now, so click HERE to order a copy today!

About the Author:

Nikki Barthelmess is an author of young adult books, including The Quiet You CarryQuiet No More, and Everything Within and in Between. While growing up in foster care, Nikki found solace in books and writing. A former journalist, Nikki lives in sunny Santa Barbara with her husband, daughter, and diva of a corgi. When not reading or working on her books, Nikki loves advocating for the rights of current and former foster youth, jogging near the beach, and trying to convince her abuelita that feminism means it’s okay that her husband does all the cooking.

Everything is Canon
Everything is Canon
Everything Is Canon: Everything Within And In Between
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