Fathergamer Discusses The Original Star Wars Trilogy with the SpoilSports Podcast

In this episode, we break down some of our favorite moments, quotes, and characters form the OG Star Wars films.

I get the opportunity to talk about my own major fandom of Grand Moff Tarkin.

We discuss why Bespin is better then Hoth.

Also, apparently they don’t have a bear free section in UK cinemas.


Listen to the podcast here if the widget doesn’t load.

After you watch The Force Awakens trailer for the 66th time, go ahead and give this show a try…it’s definitely entertaining and worth it! Any fan of the original trilogy will enjoy going back in time to revisit the awesomeness of Star Wars.

You can find all of their other excellent episodes on iTunes as well as their podcast page.

Also feel free to follow them on Twitter: Diarmuid is @Diarmuid_S, Sean is @SeanLabode

Thank you for listening!

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