The Casual Cinecast Reviews Knives Out

On this week’s all new episode of the Casual Cinecast, Mike, Chris, and Justin share their thoughts on Knives Out, Waves, and more! 

Rian Johnson’s whodunit lit up the fesival circuit earlier this year, but now it’s out for everyone to enjoy. Was the buzz worthwhile, or does the mystery fall flat? We discuss our thoughts on the film along with chatting about Waves, the latest on Watchmen, and more!

As always we’ll have a spoiler-free section to kick off our discussions, before diving into the spoiler talk. So feel free to listen without fear!

Let us know if you agree with out review in the comments below! And of course, please search for “Casual Cinecast” on your iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or your favorite podcast app and subscribe!

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