The Casual Cinecast takes on The Lion King!

Mike, Chris and Justin break down the news from Comic Con this week, along with everything else they’ve been watching since the last episode. Then, they dive into the newest of the Disney “live action” remakes, with The Lion King.

This week, there is Marvel news everywhere! Luckily, the guys will break it all down for you in the “News on the March” section. There’s also time to go over the new trailers for HBO’s Watchmen and CBS All Access’ Picard. Chris tells everyone about going to see Long Day’s Journey into the Night, and Justin and Chris try their best to explain The Last Black Man in San Fransisco.

For the main event, the guys tackle the newest film in the long line of “live action” (but really, it’s a cartoon) Disney remakes hitting theaters with… The Lion King. Does this film manage to capture the same magic as the beloved cartoon from the 90’s? Does this new version offer anything new? Does that even really matter? Listen as the guys ask themselves these questions, and more…. (For example: what’s the point of these remakes, even though they technically already know the answer… It’s money).

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