The Fathergamer Podcast #35 – An Interview With Mike Levine

For more information on Mike and his latest game, Ninja Team Pirates, be sure to check out this swanky trailer, and all the links we have below:

Download Ninja Time Pirates at the app store
Happy Giant’s Official Website
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A little more information about Mike Levine’s past: 

Mike Levine has been working with interactive and digital media for 20 years. He is the president and founder of HappyGiant, as well as Pileated Pictures. Mike is a veteran of LucasArts Entertainment, where he was in a senior position in the art department, and developed several art production techniques on classics such as ‘Sam & Max Hit the Road,’ ‘Full Throttle,’ ‘The Dig,’ ‘Rebel Assault 1 and 2,’ and ‘Jedi Knight: The Force Within – I&II.’  In 1997, Mike left LucasArts to form Puffin Designs, a software company founded by ILM veterans, Lucas’ Effects Division, where he was Product Manager for the award-winning program ‘Commotion’. The company was acquired by Pinnacle.  In 1999 he formed Pileated Pictures, which has gone on to become a leader in the online gaming and virtual world fields doing work for Hasbro and other major brands. HappyGiant, Mike’s latest venture, focuses on mobile and cross-platform games. It has made games with Jay-Z, Dark Horse Comics, and Paramount Pictures, as well as published several of their own apps, including the successful “Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends”. The company’s latest game is Ninja Time Pirates and has a 4.5 average rating on the Apple App Store.

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