The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 48

The Cast:

Mike, Katy, Austin, Ransom, Eric, Matt and Kyle


Warning: Explicit, NSFW and 100% Geek and Nerd


What’s in Your System?


Tower of Guns

Story of Seasons

Battlefield: Hardline

Far Cry 4

GTA Online


Talk Nerdy to Me!

Deus Ex trailer

Five Nights at Freddie’s movie

Yo-Kai Watch is coming to North America!

Witcher 3 expansions

Onlive RIP

Deadpool Movie stuff

Super Science Stuff


Who would you pick as a new Smash Bothers character?

No Zelda at E3

Nintendo Talk



How a child predator caught himself

The Beef Crisps Diet

What food would you eat for two years?

Taco Bell Delivers

Can’t fly with Cancer? That’s just plane crazy

Artist Spotlight

Zoe Harker

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