The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 62: Pokemon, Far Cry Primal and Deadpool

In today’s new episode of TFGP, we discuss all of the news from the recent Pokémon Direct, as well as reminisce about our favorite Pokémon memories. Eric talks about his time playing Farcry Primal. Katy praises the glory of Stardew Valley and Nom Nom Galaxy. Ransom and Eric voice their love for The Divison Beta. We also manage to fit in a discussion about the Iron Fist casting and Ubisoft fighting against a corporate takeover, and we have a spoiler-filled breakdown of Deadpool followed by a fast food-fueled WTF.


A very big thanks to Clockwork in College Station, Texas for hosting us.

Cast: Eric, Katy and Ransom

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This weeks Artist Spotlight is Borneo


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