Viotek’s Gaming Monitor’s Want to Level the Field Between PC and Consoles

If you’re looking to step up your gaming on the Xbox, you’ll be happy to know Viotek’s line of curved Free Sync monitors, now supports the Xbox’s adaptive sync abilities. Where most TVs and other monitors can’t suppor the 120hz refresh rate, Viotek’s can, meaning gamers can get the smoothest gameplay experience possible. While most of us won’t notice these differences, any gamer who’s gone head to head with PC gamers knows even the smallest framerate advantage can make a huge difference:


Viotek’s line of high-definition curved gaming monitors—already a favorite among core PC gamers for features including 1440p resolution, 144hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync compatibility—now allow Xbox users to make the most of the console’s recent updates.  

By supporting a 120hz refresh rate and Adaptive Sync (Microsoft’s take on AMD FreeSync), Xbox One S and Xbox One X now allow gamers to experience smoother gameplay in terms of performance and responsiveness, and without tearing or ghosting—image abnormalities that occur when the refresh rate and frame rate are out of sync. But to enjoy those updates, gamers need a compatible display, which is where most televisions fall short. 

“Viotek offers gamers the ability to get more out of their Xbox consoles than what most TVs allow,” says Vice President Brett Barbour. “These updates from Microsoft break down a barrier that’s existed between PC and console gaming. Consoles have been somewhat static, but this opens them up to the more core enthusiast market that has largely been relegated to PC gaming, and Viotek is the perfect match.”

Until recently, gaming consoles were typically limited to a 60hz refresh rate, putting them at a considerable disadvantage to the performance PC systems are capable of.  

Worth noting is that since Xbox uses HDMI output, resolution will be reduced to 1080p (from 1440p) while operating at 120hz due to the inherent bandwidth of the interface. And unlike TVs, not all gaming monitors include built-in speakers.

Free Sync is compatible with these Viotek monitors which are available now: GN24CGN27DGN32CGN32QGN32LDGN34CGN35LD