The Last of US II is Almost Here, Lets Revisit Our Full TLOU Walkthrough

The time has finally come, The Last of Us Part II is finally releasing this Friday and we can’t wait! With that said this is the perfect opportunity for you all to check out our walkthrough of The Last of US!

During our “Road to E3” 2018 live stream event, I streamed a full walkthrough of The Last of Us and its DLC “Left Behind”. This game has been near and dear to my heart since it released back in 2013 but really stuck with me cause of its mix of dark and light tones.

This is one of the first video games that made me cry and one of the most satisfying cinematic video games I have ever played. With TLOU Part II coming this week, I really hope you give our walkthrough a look…just to remember how amazing this game actually was!

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Caleb Gayle
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