Hey Kids, Comics! #199 – Red All Over

Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are back in the U.S.S.R. this outing as they tackle the Cole War, communism, and the Red Scare as it played out in the pages of comic books over many a decade.

From the obvious Marvel super-patriots like Gremlin and the Soviet Super Soldeirs to the Russian analogue to G.I. Joe, the Oktober Guard, there are plenty of examples of state-created super-beings to be found in the pages of comics.  Even more recently, DC Comics introduced an entire Communist Chinese team!  

Enjoy this and more as HKC! takes  glimpse at an important aspect of world history as it was portrayed in comic books.

No Yakov Smirnovs were injured during the production of this podcast.

Apoologies to the People’s Heroes (from DC Comics) who got no coverage on this episode of the show…

Peoples Heroes 0001

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