Penguin Random House Releasing New Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer Novel this Summer

Fans of the classic Spelljammer novels are in for a treat this summer as a new novel is on the way.

It was announced earlier this week that Penguin Random House will be releasing Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer: Memory’s Wake this July. This will come as big news to many fans as this will be the first Spelljammer novel published in over thirty years. The book will be written by Django Wexler and will follow an original character named Axla as she goes on an adventure aboard, what else, a Spelljammer ship.

In this reboot of a beloved D&D setting, join Axia, a young woman with a mysterious past, as she embarks on a piratical adventure aboard a Spelljammer, a flying spaceborne vessel powered by magic.

Considering there have now been several Dungeons & Dragons related novels released last year and now this has been announced, does this mean there will be a resurgence of Dungeons and Dragons novels spearheaded by Penguin Random House? The word “reboot” in the synopsis certainly implies that this could be the first of many books set in this world once again.

Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer: Memory’s Wake is due to be released in July 2024.
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