The ROAD TO E3 2019 Has Begun, Watch s0leb Play DOOM Tonight!

Welcome back to another walkthrough stream, this time we are back with the Cinelinx: Road to E3 Livestream Series! We have decided to start our #RoadToE3 with Bethesda and iD Software’s DOOM. Since DOOM: Eternal is one of the main focuses of this years #BE3 Event, we gotta get caught up on some of the high-octane story and gameplay!

The stream will take play at 8:30pm cst via the 2nd Opinion Pro Youtube page, we are planning on this to be a full walkthrough of the game to pump up DooM: Eternal! This is just the beginning of our content to celebrate and get hyped for E3 2019. Please make sure to come back over the next few months for more streams, news, podcast and more during the #CineLinxRoadToE3 event!




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Caleb Gayle
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