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Persona 5 is back with new content and a fine coat of polish, but is the Royal edition worth diving back into? Check out our full review to find out!

Persona is the ever growing series that follows a rather unique and fun story of kids growing up in a world of thieves. This dynamic has led to a lot of great situations and intense games, but Persona 5 was a pinnacle of the series. So when I heard Persona 5 was returning with the Royal Edition I couldn’t be any more excited. I rushed out to get the collector's edition pre-ordered and was beyond hyped….Then I got my hands on the game.

While Persona 5 is worth playing and in every way is one of the best games out there, the Royal Edition feels a bit muddled to someone who has already been there. When the Royal Edition was announced we were promised extended gameplay, some new mechanics, and basically $60 worth of content.

The best part of the Royal version of the game is that it DOES give you a reason to play through the game again. I personally have already played through Persona 5 multiple times and spent countless hours within the title, and some people have already noted over 100 hours of game time in just the base game. The Royal version promises at least 30 hours of additional gameplay via a new character addition and an added semester to really explore new story content. The best addition content wise is a new area to explore which comes with new palaces to beat. 

The game itself feels kind of revamped as well. There seems to be additional voice lines throughout the title and a lot of the visuals look more polished and cleaner than before. Visually the game looks rather stunning as you find new details in everything. The Palaces (dungeons) have also been revamped which make a majority of them more fun, but also add new strategy and mechanics to change up a standard playthrough. Persona 5 is honestly one of the greatest RPG’s there is, and the Royal Edition simply enhances everything in a positive way.

The coolest part about the Royal addition is it doesn’t just throw everything at you at once, or separate the new content into a portion of the game. Instead the new content is introduced to you as you play through again, and with new areas opening up the more you play. The grappling hook, for example, feels like such a random addition that isn’t much of a big deal, but it is probably the greatest addition. 

The hook allows you to explore new areas or traverse parts of the game you couldn’t otherwise see. The developers have even hidden special rooms and artifacts in these new areas for you to collect. This alone adds hours of gameplay to the standard game. Other aspects of the new content are also spread out throughout the title and you will come to areas that seem familiar, yet different.

And that is how I can explain my whole experience with the Royal Edition. Everything “feels the same, but different.” I can’t really explain it any other way. The new content is cool, but it didn’t really do anything for me in terms of making me want to spend additional money. All the content could have easily just been a quick DLC or small expansion, but instead we have to buy the game again and play through 100 hours again to see most of it. While that experience is enjoyable still, and the intertwined added story and content made it different, it still felt like I was burnt out on the game. We are talking about hands down one of (if not, the) best JRPG  title in recent years, so most of us have already played through the game multiple times. I kind of wish the title would read for a save already, see we completed it, and then offer some way to only play the additional content.

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All that being said I can’t really justify buying the game again. The only reason to do so is to either support the team or because you’re that big of a Persona fan that you already have one of the special editions lined up. These editions of course come with additional goodies, one of them coming with a mask that is really neat. Otherwise I would be able to justify it if the game added maybe double the content of the original, which I know is a ton of content considering the original had at least 80+ hours of game time, but it doesn’t. 

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The 30 hours is really pushing the limits of how much the new area can provide, and the moderate alterations to the core game don’t really make it feel “new” or totally revamped in any way. If you are looking for a good reason to play the game again then yeah the Royal edition gives you every reason for it. If you are looking at it thinking it’ll totally change your experience and be something entirely new, then wait it out.
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