A Bad Moms Christmas (Blu-Ray)

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A Bad Moms Christmas (Blu-Ray)

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The Bad Moms returned to tackled Christmas, and while the Holiday season is over, the blu-ray for A Bad Moms Christmas has landed. Is the comedy worth picking up, or should you wait it out?  Check out my full review to find out. 


The Movie

I entirely missed out on A Bad Mom's Christmas when it hit in theaters (you know, when it was seasonal/topical), but I was interested in checking it out.  The first film did a good job of establishing a great cast of a characters with adult humor that doesn't get too ridiculous and jumps the shark (looking at you Hangover).  

As you may have guessed, the sequel shows the trio of self-proclaimed "bad moms" take on the most strenuous holiday of them all: Christmas.  To make matters worse, their own moms have arrived unexpectedly to complicate their lives leading up to Christmas.  Just as things begin to get out of control, they decide to take back the holiday and do it their own way. 

Of course, a whole bunch of things go wrong in the process and all manner of shenanigans ensue. For the most part, the humor continues to work and there are many moments I found myself unable to stop laughing. There are just so many moments that will have you busting a gut, it's easy to see why the studios are still keen to keep this franchise going. 

The problem, however, is the story doesn't have much support to it.  The cast continues to be amazing, and the trio of Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell is incredible. Their chemistry is perfect and sells scenes/jokes that should never have worked. For the most part, Bad Moms Christmas lacks a sense of direction.  aside from generally wanting to make Christmas better and get their own moms off their back, there's no main plotline to go off of. 

Instead, the movie goes day-to-day showing events happening in the lead up to Christmas day.  It comes off more as a series of "slice of life" vignettes, than one interconnected story.  The first film had the PTA presidency as it's driving plot, and all things in the story moved around that.  Bad Moms Christmas has no such thing and thus feels a lot less focused. 

While it's hilarious, there's a point about mid-way through where I found myself wondering what the point was. I was still engaged enough to keep on watching, it was really only the strength of the cast dynamic that was keeping me going.  It definitely needed more meat in the script to feel more complete and a more worthwhile endeavor.  

As it stands, there's no denying it's filled with plenty of laughs and fun to be had. I worry, however, it won't have much lasting qualities. While it's set up as a Holiday film you can return to every year, I can't think of much reason (due to the weaker story) to come back to it.  It's certainly worth watching at least once, though.  

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Sight and Sound

A Bad Moms Christmas doesn’t do a whole, visually, outside of the norm.  Like many real-world comedies, the lighting and cinematography is there to keep the scene rolling and present the information as clearly as possible.  While it’s all solid, it’s mostly just meant to be functional/efficient.  

So I can’t say that the blu-ray transfer is going to knock your socks off and be a showcase for your home entertainment setup. That said, however, it is a very solid transfer, with clear images and deep blacks.  I didn’t notice any blurring/crushing in my viewing and everything was sharp. 

The same can be said for the sound.  It’s not revolutionary, but it’s handled incredible well on the blu-ray.  I didn’t notice any points during the film where it felt like the background soundtrack was overpowering the dialog, or vice versa. From a technical standpoint, there’s really nothing to complain about. 

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Bonus Features

A Bad Moms Christmas comes loaded with these special features on the disc: 

Gag Reel

Additional Scenes

Crew Music Video

Theatrical Trailers

It’s a pretty spartan release in terms of extra content, but that’s fairly typical of comedies like this.  The gag reel is hilarious to watch and the additional scenes are interesting (though it’s easy to see why they were cut).  All in all...there’s not a lot here to keep you interested beyond the main release of the movie itself, making this release a tougher sell.  

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Several Great Moments That Can’t Add Up
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A Bad Moms Christmas has good things going for it. The cast is exceptional, the dynamic between the main characters is engaging, and it’s filled with hilarious scenes throughout. The problem is is never really comes together for the bigger picture. Without a stronger story to keep it going, you’ll more often find yourself wondering what’s the point; killing its rewatch potential.

It’s still worth checking out once, but maybe wait for RedBox/Netflix this upcoming Holiday season.
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