You Should Have Left

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Based on the novel by best-selling German literary sensation Daniel Kehlmann, You Should Have Left is the story of a couple Theo (Kevin Bacon) and Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) Conroy who go on a vacation to reconnect and work on their marriage at a restful, but isolated cottage in the Welsh countryside only to discover that secrets demand a reckoning … and travel with you.
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July 28
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David Koepp teams up again with Kevin Bacon for another psychological thriller, the two worked together on Stir of Echoesway back in 1999. Now they get together to bring us another thriller, but does it match up to their previous work? Kevin Bacon stars as Theo Conroy, a middle-aged man with a much younger actress wife, Susanna (Seyfried), and an adorable 6-year-old daughter, Ella. All the marketing for the movie tells us the couple are having issues with their marriage, but honestly, they really don’t show you a marriage in trouble at all.

In the first 20 minutes, we learn that Theo is rich, what his job is we have no idea because throughout the entire thing I thought he just mooched off of his actress wife. Theo is a jealous man but he’s working it out in therapy and writing in his journal like his therapist or self-help audiobook tells him to. So to help fix their very normal somewhat loving and average marriage Theo pleads with his wife to take some time off of work to go on vacation. And by plead I mean he simply asks her to go on a vacation with him and Ella, which she agrees to do in less than a minute.

Now the crazy twist here is that Theo was previously married, but his first wife died in an accident at home but even though he was found not responsible for her death the bizarre way she died had many people thinking that “he might have done it”. Oh, wait that’s not the twist, That’s just information tossed into the story to let you know Theo has a secret. The actual twist is that the marriage actually starts to splinter while they are on vacation, you know the vacation that was supposed to help save their oh so rocky marriage.

Now we do see early on that there’s something weird about the house they rented but Koepp’s screenplay really doesn’t dive into it until maybe 45-50 minutes later. There are many wasted scenes that could have used some jump scares, or just moments to build more tension and they just let it fall flat. I know Koepp can do better his previous movies Stir of Echoes and Secret Window show you he can crank out a decent thriller.

By the time the movie really starts to pick up and build some real suspense, I just didn’t care anymore. If you really want to see the movie because you like Kevin Bacon or Amanda Seyfried just Redbox it. Other than that I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this one at all.

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Whole lotta nothing going on
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Blumhouse has maybe 3-4 good films a year and this is not one of them. It’s very hard to care about anyone in this film because the info you get on them is so sparse you really don’t connect with them at all. You’ve got to sit thru 2 acts of whatever to get to the final act where they just try to throw in any horror-ish, mind-bending scenes just so they can tag it as horror and a psychological thriller.
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