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Collin’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

The year marks an important for me film-wise: 2016 is the year I started writing about movies. I didn’t start the year thinking it would lead here, but here I am. I started off with a challenge: Watch a movie for every day of the year (currently at 406 for the year), and diversify my choices. I wanted to catch up on foreign films, silent films, and classics that I had missed. It slowly became a race to see everything that 2016 had to offer. And while I fell way short, I’ve only seen 63 films from 2016 and here are my ten favorites and some honorable mentions.


The Video Game 2016 Presidential Election Ballot

The United States elections have been an absolute headache for at least the past year so why not take a break and look at something a bit more fun? We have selected 5 game characters we think would be a nice fit on the ballot!

The 2016 Razzie Awards Announced

 Tired of hearing about all those good movies that the Academy loves? Well if so, you’re in luck. It’s time to celebrate the best of the worst…The 2016 Golden Raspberry Awards (“Razzies”) are here.

Star Wars Stand-Alone Film “Rogue One” Confirmed For 2016

Cinelinx may very well be your un-official Star Wars hub, and we are proud of that! We bring you more news today regarding some confirmed upcoming Star Wars movies including a title for the first standalone movie, plus the release date for Rian Johnson's Episode VIII.  Come inside for all the details!

Is a Sub-Mariner Movie Surfacing in 2016?

The generally reliable Latino Review says there’s a strong possibility of a movie about Namor the Sub-Mariner coming out in November 2016. Is Universal Pictures—who owns the films rights to Namor—joining in on the super hero film craze?

The Sorrow! Batman vs. Superman gets Delayed to 2016

Well folks, the Summer of 2015 just got a little bit smaller, and no longer can fanboys look forward to seeing both the Avengers and DC's greatest heroes on the big screen within the same year.  Warner Bros. has officially delayed Batman vs. Superman until 2016, nearly a full year.  Come inside for the press release and explanation!

Geek Pick of the Week: Block Print Ninjas

Our latest Geek Pick of the Week are some limited edition art prints featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in stunning hand-carved form. As...