2nd Opinion Pro is Changing.

Things are changing over at 2nd Opinion, we are now A FULL CINELINX FAMILY MEMBER! 

2nd Opinion Podcast #214 – E3 IS WHERE THE FALLOUT IS??

It's time for another edition of the 2nd Opinion Podcast!  Join S0LEB and his crew as they digest the latest Fallout announcement, Assassin's Creed release, and more in episode 214: "E3 is Where the Fallout Is??"!

2nd Opinion Podcast #213 – The Future of Playstation is..Not Here?!

WAIT, The Playstation 5 may not come out until 2021? GOOD!

The Road to E3 | The Last of Us: Left Behind...

Now that we completed The Last of Us Remasterd, it is time to dive in the the DLC "LEFT BEHIND"!

2nd Opinion Podcast #212 – NO CAMPAIGN!?

Wait, you mean there is no campaign at all? Thanks a lot internet!

TFGP Episode 82: Road to E3 018 Part 2

In this episode of Caleb, Matt, and Eric discuss what they DON'T want to see at E3 2018. You can checkout Caleb on the 2nd Opinion...

2nd Opinion Podcast #211 – XBOX SOLD WHAT!?

Welcome back to another episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast where Boltz talks with us about all things Xbox, and we delve into the Sony E3 rumors. 

Road to E3 2018: Episode 1

In this episode of Road to E3 Podcast Caleb, Matt, and Eric discuss what they want to see at E3 2018.

2nd Opinion Podcast #210 – E3 2018 IS UPON US!

E3 is close we can taste it, but to be honest all i can taste is exclusive titles. . .

2nd Opinion Podcast #209 – Marvel Made Me Cry!

It is true. Marvel made me cry more than I have ever cried in my life.

Build the Iconic NES Console in LEGO’s New Set

Video Game fans, collectors, and LEGO lovers have something new to look forward to with an impressively detailed NES building set! This morning LEGO...