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Which is Better: Good Movies or the Good TV Shows they...

We compare 5 well-received movies with the well-received television shows they were based on. Is the TV show or the movie better?  In the realm...


There have been some very good super-hero adaptations, some very bad ones, and some very weird ones. Here are five film and TV reworkings of popular super heroes that made fans scratch their heads and say “Wha…?” 

Top Ten Movie Franchises Based on Books

For as long as there have been movies, there have been movies based on books. This is a look at the best movie franchises that are either based on a book or several books.

Is Making a Tarzan Movie Only for Tarzan Fans a Bad...

 David Yates’ The Legend of Tarzan does an effective job bringing the iconic King of the Jungle back to the big screen in a way that stays true to the classic books. With beautiful cinematography and a surprisingly strong lead performance by Alexander Skarsgard, The Legend of Tarzan delivers an entertaining adaptation of literature’s first super hero. However, will this film resonate with modern audiences who are unfamiliar with the character?

Looking At the Movie That Inspired Star Wars: The Hidden Fortress

George Lucas has often cited the classic Japanese Samurai film The Hidden Fortress as the main inspiration for his sci-fi epic Star Wars. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening this week, Cinelinx looks at the movie that inspired Lucas to make one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time.   

Robert Rodriguez Will Direct a Live-Action Jonny Quest

Warner Bros. is recruiting direcotr Robert Rodriguez to help bring the crazy adventures of Jonny Quest to the big screen in a brand new live-action adaptation.  

Should Game of Thrones Keep Close To The Books Or Deviate...

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have surprised fans on more than one occasion by changing the trajectories of some of the series characters from what happened to them in the literary A Song of Ice and Fire series. Some fans have complained about the changes, while others are fine with it. Should the show keep its fidelity to the original George R.R. Martin books, or is it best for the show to veer off into original territory?

The Top Ten Movies Based on Video Games

Video game based movies have yet to be good, but some are less bad than others. Here is our list of the best movies based on video games so far.

Comic Books vs. Graphic Novels – Which Makes the Best Movie?

SAT verbal analogy flashback time! If comic book is to TV program, then graphic novel is to miniseries. See the difference? Comic books and graphic novels are two ways to tell a story using graphic print media. In many ways they can be very similar, but in some ways they are not. It is those differences that are important to consider when adapting their stories to film. 

Flash Gordon Celebrates 80th Birthday With the Announcement of a New...

Flash Gordon has been an iconic sci-fi character since he was created by cartoonist Alex Raymond in 1934. Eight decades later, the space-faring hero gets a gift for his 80th birthday in the form of a new film.

Will Aliens: Fireteam Be The Game We Have Wanted for Years?...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! After a crazy ice storm, working long hours, and having no internet we are finally back! In...