Alien: Covenant (Blu-Ray)

Another group of space travelers experience unknown terrors as Ridley Scott's latest Alien movie has arrived on blu-ray.  Is the outing worth picking up for your home collection, or better left on the shelf?  Come inside for my full review to find out!

The Importance of Ship Names in the Alien Films

An in depth look at how the Alien franchise uses its ship names to add another layer of meaning to the action that takes place on screen. The ship names also echo the many themes and ideas, linking all of the films together.

What Might Have Been: A History of Failed Alien Sequels

The Alien franchise has an interesting history not just because of the films that hit the big screen, but also because of the ones that did not. This is a look at some of the Alien films that came close to getting a greenlight, but were never made.

Alien: Covenant Prologue Video Reveals Exactly What Happens After Prometheus

It's Alien Day and to celebrate, 20th Century Fox has released a new video from Alien: Covenant (presented as a prologue) that shows audiences what happened to Elizabeth Shaw and David after the end of Prometheus.  Come inside to check it out! 

New Alien Covenant Poster Brings Terror

Ridley Scott recently said he wanted to bring the Alien franchise back to its roots.  With today's poster being the stuff of nightmares, he's proving true to his word.  Come inside to see it.

Meet the Alien: Covenant Crew in The Last Supper Short Film

While a sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant is bringing an all new crew together and Ridley Scott has released a new short film to act as a Prologue to the upcoming science fiction film.  Come inside to check out the four minute video!  

Aliens: 30th Anniversary (Blu-Ray)

This year brings about the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s beloved Aliens film, and 20th Century Fox is celebrating with a brand new blu-ray release for fans to enjoy.  Come inside to see whether or not this new version is worth picking up!

Prometheus 2 Production Begins in January 2016

It's been 3 years since Prometheus came out in theaters and despite a luke-warm reception, production for the sequel has a date.  

DVD REVIEW: Fire in the Sky (1993)

Cinelinx gets sucked into the alien abduction classic Fire in the Sky from Warner Archive!

DVD Review: The Host (2013)

I'm one of the only males on the planet Earth who actually admit to liking the Twilight movies and books. That being said, I have to say I was excited when I heard sci-fi Director Andrew Niccol was adapting Stephenie Meyer's other novel, The Host, for the big screen. Gattaca was widely acclaimed and even In Time received mixed reviews. I was hoping Niccol would at least find a happy medium in between those two and give author Meyer's fans something to be proud of. Unfortunately, I didn't get what I wanted upon viewing the movie.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light Of The Jedi Special...

In celebration of the launch of Star Wars: The High Republic, the new era of Star Wars storytelling, Del Rey and Out of Print are releasing...