Sony Finds Their Miles Morales

As we get closer and closer to the big screen debut of Miles Morales in Sony’s Animated Spider-Man film, we have been anxiously awaiting the voice cast. Well today, hidden behind Star Wars Celebration hype, we have gotten a villain, as well as our Miles Morales.

Sony Animated Spider-Man to feature Miles Morales

Well it’s been rather hush after the announcement of an animated Spider-Man movie and now we know Miles Morales will be our Spider-Man.


Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Film Could Feature Miles Morales

As the next live action Spider-Man film gears up for filming in just a month of so, today brings about a rumor regarding Chris Lord and Phil Miller's animated feature; one I hope turns out to be the case.  Come inside to check out the latest report. 

Phil Lord & Chris Miller Developing Animated Spider-Man Movie For Sony

During their CinemaCon presentation, Sony Pictures announced they're developing an animated Spider-Man feature film with Phil Lord and Chris Miller that will land in 2018, a year after their live-action revival of the webslinger.  Come inside to learn more!

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