AOC Reveals First Monitor in Their Premium AGON Line

This morning, AOC has revealed the first in a new line of premium HDR gaming monitors, coming with FreeSync2 and other features gamers will enjoy.

AOC Launches New Line of Affordable Curved Gaming Monitors

AOC has announced their G1 series line of monitors, meant to be more affordable and easier to maintain a multi-monitor set up. Come inside to learn more about them! 

AOC Reveals Their Latest Agon Gaming Monitor

If you're looking to game like a pro, or simply want the best looking display possible for your video game playing, AOC has revealed the latest Agon monitor in their premium gaming line: the AG322QCX.  Come inside to check out all the details!

AOC’s New FreeSync Montior Comes to the Amazon Choice Program

AOC already produces some amazing computer/gaming monitors, and tody comes the announcement of a new FreeSync monitor, which will launch on Amazon's Choice Program. Come inside to learn more about AOC's latest. 

New Back to the Future Themed Transformer Revealed

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Back to the Future, Hasbro has announced a fun Transformers crossover figure, GIGAWATT! Much like they did previously...