Battleborn Might Become “Free To Play” Soon

Battleborn might have a "free to play" model released soon to get players back into the action.

Battleborn Vs Overwatch, How To Decide Which To Play

It is a bit strange that two games under development by two very different studios end up being extremely similar and release in the same month. Of course I’m talking about Battleborn by Gearbox and Overwatch by Blizzard. A lot of the similarities end when you really dive into each game, and if you are stuck on a fence trying to decide which game to dump your money into, we got you covered.

Battleborn Preview / Beta Impressions

The beta offers an early impression of the overall finished game by providing multiple story missions and two online game modes. After extensive time in both we decide if Battleborn is shaping up to be a whole new adventure, or a bland shooter. Check it out!

Check Out Battleborn’s Newly Announced Features And Trailer

Gearbox has announced several new features and game modes for the upcoming game, come check it all out after the jump! Psst, it includes a new trailer!

Claudia Gray’s ‘House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat’ Shows...

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