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Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy vs. The MCU Captain America Trilogy

Which is the best comic book inspired trilogy? Christopher Nolan’s revered Dark Knight trilogy has become the gold standard for turning comic book super heroes into serious art. However, the three MCU Captain America films have been called the best of all the MCU franchises. Both are excellent trilogies. Which is better? Let’s take a look.

12 Observations on Captain America: Civil War (Spoilers)

 Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is now out in theaters and is mostly living up to its strong reviews (91% on Rotten Tomatoes), making the Captain America trilogy the most consistently excellent super hero franchise since the Nolan Dark Knight saga. We’re looking at some of the high and low points of this epic super-hero slugfest. Cinelinx has a dozen observations on this latest sequel for the star-spangled man with the plan, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Examining Hollywood Remakes–Captain America: The First Avenger

 Our series on remakes continues and this time we’ve got one that you may not even realize was filmed in live-action before. In honor of the release of Captain America: Civil War on Friday, we’re talking about the star spangled man with the plan. This week, Cinelinx looks at Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvel Phase 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The release of Ant-Man marks the official end of Marvel's Phase 2 films.  With Phase 3 set to kick off next Summer, we thought it'd be a great time to take a look at how the second Phase of the Marvel Universe did overall.  Come inside to check out our thoughts! 

Wonder Woman Film(s) Could Take an Unexpected Course

The planned Wonder Woman solo film—and any sequels that might follow—may not be exactly what fans have been expecting. Rumor has it that DC/Warner plans an interesting twist in regard to Wonder Woman’s place in the DC Cinematic Universe. Possible are spoilers ahead.

Directors Joe & Anthony Russo Discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing team behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier, discuss the film on the eve of the Blu-ray release.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray coming September 9 (Updated with...

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming to Blu-ray September 9, and we've got the details on what the disc will feature.

Did the writers of Agents of SHIELD Turn Ward into a...

The biggest surprise twist of the recently ended first year of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was when series regular and (apparently) loyal team member Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) was revealed as a Hydra mole. But was that really part of the agenda all along or was it an extemporaneous plot decision by Joss Whedon and company done as a response to fan criticism and a ratings decline?

The Avengers Will Have More Teamwork and Ultron Will Have Multiple...

A plethora of tantalizing information has come out about the details of Avengers: Age of Ultron. If it all turns out to be true, the sequel sounds like it may live up to expectations.

Box Office Breakdown: Captain America is Still Going Strong

This past weekend at the box office saw the release of Wally Pfister's Transcendence, but even the star pull of Johnny Depp wasn't enough to bring in the crowds, and the battle for the top spot once again fell between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Rio 2.  The end result being that Marvel's powerhouse superhero retains the top spot for the third weekend in a row.  Come inside to check out the full breakdown!

Everything Is Canon: Halloween Special

In this special Halloween episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they speak with Disney Chills...