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Skull and Bones gets a TV show … OK

Ubisoft has decided that they will develop a TV show on the possible future smash hit game Skull & Bones. A game that most people have only seen cut scene video for and maybe about 20 minutes of gameplay, but hey why let that stop ya. We talk about the Netflix MU .. again, because, you know, cancellations and where we think those shows are going to end up.

Thank you for calling Netflix! Your anime is greenlit!

On this edition of Channel Control, Rob, Matt, and BC navigate through all of the renewals and the greenlights for the biggest animes coming to Netflix, plus much more. Come inside to watch the latest episode!  

Channel Control 10 – Grabboids in The Mist

Whether its grabboids underground, weird things lurking in The Mist or bored Japanese death gods that wont leave you alone, we've got ya covered. This week Rob gives ya the scoop on Kevin Bacon and his return to the Tremors Fanchise. What lurks in The Mist and is the series any good at all and whats the big hub-bub about the AMERICAN version of Death Note.

Hands On With the Stealth Core Trainer Workout Platform

We go hands on with a workout device (crazy, I know) that combines exercise and gaming in a way that feels both unique and...