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Who Are The Worst Reviewed Actors In the Biz?

Some actors often seem to find themselves in movies which are mauled by the critics. Whether it is deserved or not, these actors find themselves—more often than not—getting pounded in the reviews. Who are the worst reviewed actors in the business? Let’s find out.

Rated: Machete Kills (2013)

Sequels are fairly common these days, yet Machete Kills still seems unnecessary. Like the original film, it is an experimentation in the absurd, but even more so. 

Sheen Uses Comedy Central to Battle Ashton Kutcher Replacement

Anyone paying any attention to entertainment news at all knows what is happening with Charlie Sheen. He is living the high life, even after possibly losing millions of dollars and getting replaced by a younger pretty face on the show that made him golden. Well things always find a way to get more interesting with him, and Comedy Central has sweetened the deal.

TMP Reviews: Platoon on Blu-ray!

The Movie Pool checks out Platoon, the 1986 Oscar winner for Best Picture, on Blu-ray for the first time!

The Downward Spiral of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is making headlines and not in a good way these days. Everywhere you look, Charlie Sheen and his bizarre escapades are front page diversion. He is a star that is undoubtedly in some sort of obvious downward spiral if not in real jeopardy. He’s on the brink of irrevocably ruining his career, his image and his credibility with lightning speed. In a trend that seems to be an epidemic in Hollywood where almost every week if not every day we can expect to hear of another errant star in trouble of some sort, Charlie Sheen may be the most out of control and audacious movie star to ever fall from grace. 

New The Mandalorian Toys Revealed, Wallets Cry

As part of a new Mando Monday initiative from Lucasfilm, several new toys for The Mandalorian have been revealed, several up for pre-order today!...