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Disney’s Most Magical Films

Disney’s most beloved films are renowned for the magic on screen , as well as the inspirations they provide in real life. We look...

The Story of Disney’s First Live-Action Feature Film

The Walt Disney Company’s legacy is built upon it beloved animated characters and the films they star in. This is a look at how and why Walt Disney decided to start making live-action films in the 1950’s.

Cinderella Blu-Ray Details and Bonus Features Revealed

Disney is bringing their live-action Cinderella movie to blu-ray on September 15th, and today they've revealed more information on the special features coming with it, including 12 minutes of extra footage and an alternate opening.  Come inside to learn more!

Score Tickets to An Early Screening of Disney’s Cinderella (Dallas)

Disney is bringing the magic back with their live-action adapation of the classic Cinderella story, and they're working with us to give our local Dallas readers the chance to see the film in theaters before everyone else.  Come inside to score your tickets! 

New Cinderella Trailer Rides In

A new trailer for the new twist on a classic tale, Cinderella, waltzes in!  Come Inside and Check it out!

New Frozen Animated Short Will be Attached to Cinderella

Disney has just announced that your favorite characters from Disney's global hit Frozen will be back on the big screen in March, in a brand new animated short that will be attached to the live-action Cinderella film.  Come inside to learn more.  

Kenneth Branagh’s Live-Action Cinderella Gets a Trailer and Poster

Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella movie is coming early next year, but today they're finally pulling back the curtain on this classic fairytale to give fans their first real look at the film in the form of trailer, an all new poster, and some brand new images.  Come inside to check it all out!

Disney Releases An Unexciting Teaser Poster and Trailer for Cinderella

Disney's live action adaptation of their own classic Cinderella story isn't hitting theaters until next March, but they're getting a jump on the film's promotion.  Today they've released a teaser trailer and poster for the upcoming film...though they aren't very exciting to look at...

Disney’s Live Action Version of Cinderella Begins Principal Production

Disney announced today that production on their live action version of Cinderella has officially begun in London, and have dropped this first look image from the film to boot.  Come inside to check out the full press release with the current, and updated, cast list!

Blu Review: “Cinderella”

Walt Disney Home Entertainment brings their most famous princess to Blu-ray with the Cinderella Diamond Edition. When people talk about Disney Princesses, Cinderella is the first one that comes to mind. Although it's obviously targeted to a female audience, there's enough humor found in the antics of the mice, the cat Lucifer, the Prince's father, and his assistant to keep male audiences at least mildly entertained for the movie's 75-minute runtime. This is an exceptional fairy tale film, although a true element of evil like a witch or a sorceress who can turn herself into a dragon is sorely missed. Evil stepmothers just don't hold the same peril for me as something supernatural.

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...