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On Rebels and Rumors, Clearing Things Up

Yesterday at Star Wars Celebration we got our first look and official details on Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels, which seems like a great time to revisit one of our reports on the series and how it went differently.  

Mel Gibson Confirms Suicide Squad 2 Directing Talks (VIDEO EXCLUSIVE)

Last night at a screening of Hacksaw Ridge at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, Mel Gibson confirmed rumors that he'd taken meetings with Warner Brothers to helm Suicide Squad 2.

Which Studio ‘Won’ E3 2016?

With the press conferences now over and the regular E3 show floor days in full swing, the gaming team here at Cinelinx wanted to look back at the major conferences this year and see who everyone thought “won.”  Come inside to see our team’s picks and share your own thoughts! 

Knights of the Old Republic HD Remake Coming in 2016? (Exclusive)

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed Star Wars games ever released is over a decade old now, and for the last few years many fans have been clamoring for an updated version of the game for current consoles...Well guys it looks like next year you'll be getting your wish.  Come inside to learn more!

Star Wars Live-Action TV Update: Netflix Bound! (Exclusive)

We've broken some exciting news regarding a potential live-action Star Wars show in the past, and today brings an update on some of the progress of the potential show(s) and where they could be headed. Come inside to check it out!

A Star Wars Book Character is Jumping From Page to Screen...

The Lucasfilm story group is hard at work keeping all elements of the new Star Wars properties in line as the franchise moves forward.  While we've only seen snippets so far of their plans, the galaxy far, far away will soon be a lot more connected.  As part of this, it sounds like one of the new book characters will be jumping from page to screen.  Come inside to learn more!

Star Wars Live-Action TV Show is Happening, But Still a Ways...

Last week, word slipped out that work on the long gestating live-action Star Wars show was once again ramping up, and we've got some more information on how development is coming along and why you may still have to wait before you see it. 

Lando Will Be Back for More Star Wars Rebels Adventures

Billy Dee Williams made his return to the galaxy far, far away recently in an episode of Star Wars Rebels, in which he reprised his role of Lando Calrissian much to the delight of Star Wars fans.  While some have assumed Lando could pop up in future episodes of the animated series, I got the scoop directly from the man himself.  You haven't seen the last of Lando.  

Exclusive: Why is Gary Whitta No Longer Writing Star Wars?

Yesterday reports came in that Simon Kinberg has been brought on to take over writing duties on the first Star Wars standalone film after Gary Whitta's departure. Many have wondered why Whitta would leave the job, and we here at Cinelinx have the answer.  Come inside to check it out.

Exclusive: Disney Already Casting for Star Wars Live-Action TV Projects

So much of what we 'know' about Disney's plans for Star Wars are all mired in rumor and speculation.  While we've heard rumblings previously about a live-action show, or TV specials finally coming to fruition under Disney's banner, nothing else has really come of it.  Today, however, we've heard that Disney is already holding auditions for as yet unannounced Star Wars TV specials and even a mini-series!

Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...