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Atari Announces That The ATARI VCS is Now Available for Pre-order

Atari is coming out with a New CONSOLE?!  Well, we have gone through reboots of old franchises before lets see if this will be any good. 

New Trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Highlights the Single-Player...

This week Bigben & NeocoreGames treated us to the the single -player campaign intro video of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4  computer entertainment system, and PC

A Handful of Potential – Our Nintendo Switch Review

At long last the Nintendo Switch is finally out in the wild and in the hands of gamers lucky enough to snag one.  We’ve been playing around with ours since launch day and feel comfortable with it enough to bring in our verdict on it.  Come inside to find out if we think it lived up to certain promises and is worth the purchase.  

Official Specs of the Nintendo Switch

Finally!  Nintendo's Tokyo Presentation for the Nintendo Switch gave us truth instead of rumor and we finally know the specs for the mobile console!

Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Revealed

Nintendo's Tokyo Presentation provided a lot of juicy news on the new mobile console, Nintendo Switch!  Come inside to find out when you can buy and for how much!

Nintendo Switch: Our Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Nintendo finally unleashed their game-changing new system, The Nintendo Switch (formerly the NX), via a 3-minute introductory trailer.  While we’re still fresh to the idea of having a completely mobile console, we thought we’d take a moment and share our reactions with you guys!  Nintendo is all about sharing experiences, after all.

Nintendo Finally Unveils the Nintendo NX Console, The Switch

This morning, our patience has finally paid off as Nintendo has finally revealed their next major console, the Nintendo Switch!  Check out the video reveal, below!

The Hunt Starts This Summer with Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter Generations this summer with a special edition Nintendo 3DS XL!  Come inside to find out when and how much it'll be to get your hands on it!

Give Your Game Consoles A More Refined Look

If you're looking to take your decor up a notch, and want your gaming consoles to fit in, Toast has exactly waht you need with these real wood gaming covers that you can customize as well.  Come inside to check them out!

Sony Lowers Price of PS4 In Advance of Holiday Season

As we get ready for NYCC, Sony drops big news in regards to its premiere gaming console!  Find out by reading more!

New The Mandalorian Toys Revealed, Wallets Cry

As part of a new Mando Monday initiative from Lucasfilm, several new toys for The Mandalorian have been revealed, several up for pre-order today!...