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Darren Aronofsky’s mother! Arrives on Blu-Ray in December

Easily one of the most polarizing movies released this year, mother! is ready to enter your home on blu-ray next month...just in time for the Holidays.  

10 Scariest Moments in Non-Horror Movies

Horror movies aren’t the only films that can cause you to have nightmares. Here’s a look at some of the most frightening moments from movies that aren’t horror films.

Directors’ Trademarks: Darren Aronofsky

Directors’ trademarks is a series of articles that examines the “signatures” that filmmakers leave behind in their work. In this installment, with the release of Mother!, we’re looking at the trademark style and calling signs of Darren Aronofsky as director.

Watch the Unsettling Trailer for Darren Aaronofsky’s mother!

The first full trailer for Darren Aronofsky's latest film, mother!, has arrived offering a glimpse at the madness we'll be seeing on screen that will leave you intrigued.  Come inside to check it out! 

Noah Gets a New Trailer Filled With Unseen Footage

We're only a little over a couple weeks away until Darren Aronofsky's Noah is in theaters, and to say the marketing for the film has been scant would be something of an understatement.  Case in point, the film has already premiered (to mixed reviews) and it's just now getting a second trailer.  Don't get me wrong, the new trailer is awesome and definitely worth checking out!

Watch the Official Trailer for Noah!

The trailer for Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" is finally here. Come inside to see how big budget and religion can now belong in the same sentence! 

Role Call: New Projects for Will Smith, Russell Crowe, Shia LaBeouf,...

Sometimes, the world of movie casting can get pretty intense.  Unlike writers, directors, or producers, there can be dozens of actors involved in a movie.  Because of this, new casting for movies is happening ALL THE TIME.  Well we here at TMP try our best to provide you with the biggest and most important casting news, sometimes, there are some smaller ones that slide throgh the cracks.  Role Call is here to fix that.  Every week, we will take a dive into the world of film casting, from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to the smallest of indie films.  Well most Role Call's will be a round up of all the casting announcements made during the week, we'll sometimes take a break to focus on another realm of casting, from the evolution of an actor to his 5 greatest roles.  But no matter what we do, one thing is for sure: the world of movie casting is a big place, and Role Call is here to help you forge your way through it!

This week, we got about a billion new projects for Russell Crowe, a new role for Shia LaBeof, and two literary adaptations for Oscar nominee Viola Davis.

Paramount Officially Making Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

After a lot of talk about adapting the Biblical tale (first in comic form and then to feature film) Darren Aronofsky has found a couple studios willing to take on his script in Paramount and New Regency.

Did Natalie Portman do most of her dancing in ‘Black Swan’?...

For months, Natalie Portman's Oscar campaign was riding on the fact that not only did she deliver a stunning performance, but did most of her dancing as well.  Well, her body double thinks otherwise.  And here's my question: Why does it matter anyways?

Darren Aronofsky Bails On Wolverine!

Darren Aronofsky is out! According to news released today, Aronofsky has changed his mind about directing the 20th Century Fox sequel The Wolverine due to the fact that it would keep him out of the country too long.

Everything Is Canon: We Could Be Heroes

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author Mike Chen about his new book We Could Be Heroes! We Could Be Heroes...