Hey Kids, Comics! #209 – The Impracticals


Hey Kids, Comics! makes its return to Cinelinx after a holiday (plus) hiatus!  Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston on a new exploration of a comic book theme that is weighing heavily on their minds.

Hey Kids, Comics! #208 – The Seventy-Five Percenters


Down in the briny deep  you can find Hey Kids, Comics! this week.  Like so many Captain Ahabs, your hosts go searching the Seven Seas for comic book characters on a first name basis with Davy Jones.

Hey Kids, Comics! #206 – Total Recall


This Issue Has Been Recalled


Not really, but this episode of HKC! is all about comic book recalls.


Hey Kids, Comics! #201 – World Bizarre


This am the show me hate! - Bizarro

Hey Kids, Comics! is back with a look at one of Superman's most curious villains ever.

Hey Kids, Comics! #199 – Red All Over


Hey Kids, Comics! is proud to announce that the 200th issue of the show will arrive on Cinelinx next week!  In the mean time we want you to see red with an episode about the Cold War in comics.

Hey Kids, Comics #198 – Get Off My Page!


The "Countdown to 200" draws closer to its conclusion, as does catching my Cinelinx posts up to being current with the release schedule of The JediCole Universe for my flagship podcast series.  Look for #200 of Hey Kids, Comics! to arrive here early next week!

How Geoff Johns is Using Watchmen to Save DC



Geoff Johns wants to change the direction and tone of DC, both in films and in the theaters. He has a plan for doing this. The amazing part is that Watchmen is going to save DC. How? Read on, but beware of some spoilers.

Batman: The Killing Joke Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed


Arguably, the most iconic story in Comic Book history is coming to Blu-Ray this summer!  Today, we finally know when we'll be getting our hands on the DC Animated Movie of Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman V Superman Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Gets R Rating


The MPAA has just released a statement that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Director's Cut Blu-Ray will be rated R!  That's different to the cinematic movie we'll be seeing in March.  Come inside to find out why!

Picks From The Rack: Spawn, Ninjak, and Old Man Logan


It's time for this weeks comic book review. So I think I'm all done with Justice League: Gods and Monsters so kind of glad it's ending. Old Man Logan #4 isn't big on dialogue but it does have Wolverine beserker raging all over the place. Ninjak #6 is a welcome return to a character I liked. And this weeks Spawn #255 is the version of All Simmons I like. Check em all out here and keep reading guys.

Get In the Halloween Spirit With These Spooky Disney Books!

Spooky season is upon us, and Disney Books wants to put some witchy titles on your ghostly radar that could help get the whole...