Dead by Daylight Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

Dead by Daylight recently teased some new content, and it's already here! The game is celebrating its two year anniversary by releasing all new content and an in-game store. You can read more on this exciting new chapter, right here with Cinelinx!

Dead By Daylight Goes Off the Beaten Track in Cryptic Teaser

It’s hard to say just what the Dead by Daylight team has up its sleeve, but the newly released teaser trailer has a great deal to look into, as vague as it is. You can watch it right here and make your own wild speculations! 

TFGP Episode 78: Prideful Sloth, Rebellion, and Dead by Daylight

In this new episode of TFGP we talk to Prideful Sloth about their new game, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Rebellion about their games Strange Brigade and Rogue Trooper Redux that come from the comic book pages of 2000AD, and the TFGP crew discuss their time playing Dead by Daylight.

Check Out Leia’s Lightsaber From The Rise Of Skywalker

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with this comprehensive guide from Insight Editions featuring iconic lightsabers from the Star Wars galaxy! The lightsaber is...