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Diablo III Switch Bundle Coming Exclusively to GameStop

If you're excited about picking up Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the Switch next month, you may want to head to GameStop for their special bundle that comes with a unique Switch console. Come inside for all the details!

Diablo III: Eternal Collection Coming Later This Year to Nintendo Switch

The long gestating rumors about Diablo III coming to the Switch are true, including all the DLC and some Nintendo themed exclusives...But you're not supposed to know about it yet. Come inside to learn more!

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode – 40 Part One

After a hiatus, The Fathergamer Podcast is back and better than ever with new faces, new topics, but still discussing all the things you care about. This week, we're introducing the new crew and talking about Bungie's Destiny. 

Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil Edition Comes to Next-Gen Consoles this...

If you own the PS4 or Xbox One and have been wondering when you'll get to play Diablo 3 and it's Reaper of Souls expansion on their brand new machines.  Well, Blizzard has finally announced an August release date for The Ultimate Evil edition of the game on the new (and old consoles) which will combine the core game and it's expansion, plus a bunch of other neat features; including the ability to transfer your character from PS3 or Xbox 360 to your new game!  Come inside to check out all the details.

Diablo 3’s Official Expansion, Reaper of Souls Announced

Today at Gamescom Blizzard pulled the veil back on Diablo III's first expansion titled, Reaper of Souls.  The expansion adds an all new story, new levels, an extra class, boosted level cap, and adjustments to the end game content fans have been asking for.  Come inside for all the details and to check out the fancy debut trailer!

Console Version of Diablo 3 gets a Release Date; Xbox Version...

Blizzard announced today that their console version of Diablo III (first announced during the Playstation 4 event), has a release date for the PS3 iteration.  On top of that, they've also revealed an Xbox 360 version is on the way as well in September. 

Diablo III on the PS3/PS4 Will Allow for Off-Line Local Co-Op

One of the things gamers lamented over when Diablo III first released was that you had to be online at all times to play it, with no option of local co-op via LAN.  That won't be the case when the game finally comes to consoles (announced during Sony's PS4 event), as Blizzard confirms that gamers will be able to play off-line.

Blizzard Cuts Diablo III’s Team Deathmatch PVP Mode

If you were one of the many fans eagerly awaiting the team deathmatch addition to Diablo III, I've got some bad news for you.  Blizzard's been showing it off at conventions and promising it since the early days of the game's release, but now they've given it the axe.

Watch and Win Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One!

On our latest streaming giveaway, we'll be playing the recently released Minecraft spin-off, while giving away a digital copy of Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox! We...