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James Gunn In Negotiations to Direct ‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot With New...

The next Suicide Squad movie you see, could be a James Gunn film, if all goes well!  More within...

Find Your Best Friend in the First Trailer for Wes Anderson’s...

Take a look inside Wes Anderson's next animated project, Isle of Dogs, with the first trailer below!

Patty Jenkins Signs Record Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2

Warner Bros. has finally signed a director for Wonder Woman 2!  She just so happens to have directed the first Wonder Woman movie, but this time she has the moniker of highest-paid female filmmaker of all time!  Read more about Patty Jenkins' record deal below!

Catfish Filmakers Negotiating to Direct Capcom’s Mega Man

I know he’s existed out of a standalone game for quite some time but two directors want to bring Mega Man to the silver screen.


It Director Wants to Head Live Action Robotech

After tackling Stephen King’s It Andy Muschietti has been picked to helm the popular anime series Robotech.

Tim Burton to Direct Live Action Remake of Dumbo

It was announced today out of D23 that legendary director Tim Burton will handle a live action remake of the classic Disney film Dumbo

Horror Director to Helm Godzilla vs King Kong

An up-and-coming director, mainly known for his work in horror films, is getting his biggest break yet with Godzilla vs King Kong!  Come inside to learn more about Adam Wingard!

Stephen Gaghan to Write and Direct The Division Film

The Division film is moving forward and have now assigned Stephen Gaghan to the project to write and direct.


The Flash Movie Loses Its Second Director; May Be Delayed

One of DC's solo films has hit, yet another, snag.  The Flash movie has lost its second director and it could slow down the world's fastest man from making it to theaters on time.  Come inside for more.

Interview with Directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan of Sausage Party

Release week for any movie is a busy time, but directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan managed to find some time to chat with us here at Cinelinx about the new animated adult feature, Sausage Party.  They talked with us about their process, approach to humor, and the seven year journey to getting the film on the big screen.  

Bethesda Now Owned By Xbox !? | 2nd Opinion Podcast #300

Welcome to Episode #300 of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about the Xbox/Bethesda Buyout, Console Pre-Order Problems, Remakes Coming to...