Meet Cable in the Hilarious Action-Packed First Trailer for Deadpool 2

Get your first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in the first trailer for Deadpool 2 that does not disappoint!

The Recap – Domino and Game of Thrones

The recap comes to you after big weekend that featured Jon Snow and Dany meeting in Game of Thrones, Pennywise terrorizing children in the IT trailer, and the first look at Zazie Beets as Domino in Deadpool 2!  Watch as Zack recaps it all and more in this week's recap!

First Look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

We have been wondering how the comic to screen look for Domino was going to be achieved and thanks to Ryan Reynolds social media we get our first look.


Zazie Beetz Joins Deadpool 2 as Domino

After months of searching, the Deadpool team has finally settled on the actress that will portray the mutant bounty hunter, Domino!  You may know her as Van from FX's Atlanta!

Didja Know? – Domino

A few days ago, we reported that Fox had a short list of actresses they'd like to play as the deadly assassin, Domino.  While the general public may not be too familiar with Domino, we know exactly who she is.  Which brings us to the inaugural video, introducing you to unknown comicbook characters going to the big screen.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Didja Know?

Ready Player One Sequel Novel Coming This November

Ballantine Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, announced that Ready Player Two, the sequel to Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One, will be...