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DOOM Eternal Interview | QuakeCon 2019 Exclusive

Well, QuakeCon has come and gone but we still have a ton of coverage for your viewing pleasure. During this years event, we had...

Recent DOOM Eternal Concept Art Might Tease Heaven vs Hell Battle

During last years Quakecon, we had the great opportunity to not only see the reveal gameplay for DOOM Eternal...we also got to sit down...

Doom Preview: Returning To Hell Is So Fun

Doom is a major franchise in the world of gaming. You could say that if Doom didn’t gain as much popularity as it did you wouldn’t have games like Battlefield or Call of Duty today, so when they plan to reboot an important franchise you know they better do a good job with it. It seems that ID are doing a fantastic job so far!

Viotek Reveals Massive 49-Inch Monitor

Get ready to give your eyeballs a treat and take your gaming and creativity to the next level with the latest ultra-wide Monitor from...