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Doom (Reboot) Gets New Glorious Screenshots

Check out these new screenshots that were just released via Game Informer.

Fan Creations: Doom Lego’s, Netflix On NES, And Assassin’s Creed Pranks

There have been a few fan creations and video games popping up on my feed lately, so I figured let's toss a couple of them into one article for you! Check out what fans are doing with inspiration from our favorite video games!

Games We Love – Doom

There are only two games that I can play repeatedly pretty much my whole life and never get bored of them. Doom and Metal Gear Solid, but for this I will focus on Doom. I don’t know what exactly it is with this game, but it’s well over 20 years old and pretty out dated in every way possible, and yet here I am with a PS4 waiting for it to get ported to it somehow, someway. Why?

The Best Horror Games: Doom 3

It’s October and that means lots of tricks, treats, and of course horror fun! The movie industry isn’t the only industry that gets to have all the horror fun as the video game industry has put out a few charms as well. So the first thing I thought of was highlighting some of those great games. The first game that came to my mind? Doom 3.

Someone Got Doom To Run On An ATM

People often joke that people hack every new system to get Doom to run on it. Well a couple guys are actually making that joke a reality, and it's super awesome!

Doom Officially A Reboot / Returning To Roots

Bethesda / ID Software teased us with a Doom trailer at E3, but said any further details would need to wait for Quake Con. Shortly after that it was announced that the Quake Con details would have a media blackout to give attendees something special. Turns out the trailer from Quake Con was not allowed to be recorded, and journalists were left reporting their reactions following it. 

Don’t Get Too Excited For Doom At QuakeCon

Doom 4 (Or as we now know it just Doom) will be at Quake Con this year. Great news right? Yeah.... only if you are attending. 

Doom Has it’s First Trailer, but News Has To Wait For...

During E3 Bethesda and ID Software showcased a new teaser trailer for the new Doom game (which for some reason they're no longer calling Doom 4)! The sad news, however, is this is all we're getting for now until QuakeCon...Still a trailer for the new Doom is pretty damn exciting.  Come inside to check it out!

There’s No Where To Run In New Wolfenstein: The New Order...

An all new trailer for Wolfenstein:The New Order has hit the internet and it has an dire warning sung by popular 60's group Martha And The Vandellas.  Come inside to take a look at some sweet gameplay action, and some of the guns you'll be using to take down the alternate history's version of Nazi's!  

Finally Some Details About The Doom 4 Beta

We finally get some details for the upcoming Doom 4 beta, check out what you will need to access it!

Playing DOOM ETERNAL Should Make You Buy an Xbox Series X...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about Xbox Series X/S Titles Could be Made Playable on Xbox One, Assassin’s...