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The Best E3 Moments of All-Time

E3 2014 just recently passed, but we still have one last E3 article to complete our month of E3! What we want to do is dig into the history of E3 and find the best moments that every gamer should remember. Moments that were funny, awesome, or just plain out of whack. No matter what, these moments will engrave themselves in your head for all future E3’s. Even if you never witnessed them yourself.

What It’s Like Going To E3 As A Journalist

This month's Gamerlinx has been E3 month, and we apologize for the delay. E3 itself has taken up most of our time, but we are back on track!

One of the great things you get to do as a game journalist is attend gaming events as part of press. The biggest one is of course being E3 and that is a dream of almost every journalist has, let alone gamers. It was my dream in high school, and now I’ve attended for several years and still get a thrill! While the event is amazing, I wanted to point out some things you expect to happen when attending. This could be handy for those with a similar dream and are going to eventually attend their first show, or those simply interested in what we go through to make it happen.


E3 In Pictures From The Show Floor

I thought it would be interesting to show you guys some pictures from the E3 Show floor. You may or may not have seen some, but I tried to take pictures of interesting things I came across.

E3 Impressions – Excited About The Future, But Why Not Now?

E3 has come and gone and now that the dust has settled we want to take a look back and discuss what got us excited, or dare I say disappointed. We have impressions from the show floor as well! Check it out after the jump!

Will Nintendo’s Next Console Be Portable As Well?

As Nintendo likes to release a new system nearly every year IGN had a chance to talk to Nintendo designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, about their latest ideas.

Payday 2 Is Coming to the PS4 and Xbox One in...

Gamers really enjoyed Payday 2 and have spent a ridiculous amount of hours planning out heists and having loads of fun.  Now, the developers are giving gamers the chance to enjoy that experience on their new generation of consoles as well with Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Nintendo’s Bringing a New Strategy Game to the 3DS from Intelligent...

The developers behind some of the best strategy games (including the latest Fire Emblem on the 3DS) around are back at it again with an all new IP for Nintendo's handheld console to offer gamers something a little different for their turn-based strategy needs!  Come inside to find out all the details on last night's E3 2014 reveal of Code Name: STEAM!

E3 Revealed the Legend of Zelda I’ve Always Wanted

Every year, E3 always wows us with the most innovative and exciting titles of the top brands in video games.  This year followed the same formula, the only difference being that one of my biggest wow factors came from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda.  Come inside and find out why.

The Wii U Legend of Zelda is Stunningly Gorgeous

Many fans were blown away yesterday when Nintendo revealed the first footage from the Wii U's Legend of Zelda game.  It looked amazing and it's art style caught a lot of attention, which became more impressive when Nintendo revealed the footage shown was running entirely in-engine.  But in case you were wondering how good looking this game is, Nintendo has released a handful of screenshots that just may end up being your new desktop background.

Doom Has it’s First Trailer, but News Has To Wait For...

During E3 Bethesda and ID Software showcased a new teaser trailer for the new Doom game (which for some reason they're no longer calling Doom 4)! The sad news, however, is this is all we're getting for now until QuakeCon...Still a trailer for the new Doom is pretty damn exciting.  Come inside to check it out!

Blackout – Book Review

Beloved authors Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon celebrate the beauty of Black love in Blackout,...