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Cinelinx Best of E3 2016 Award Nominees

E3 2016 has come and gone but there are still some loose ends that need to be tied up.  The first being the Cinelinx award for Best of E3!  Please note that we tried to avoid any games that were only cinematic showings.  We wanted to actually see gameplay in order to nominate the game.  So without further ado, the nominees for Best of E3 2016 are...

E3 2016 Recap Day 4: VR Fever

Before the fourth day of E3 2016 (technically day two of the Expo), PlayStation’s VR headset was foreign to me.  By the end of day four, it became an extension of me...For both good and for ill.  Let’s talk about it, in my latest E3 journal!

Razer Is Making Their Own VR Headset to Compete With Vive...

If you've been intersted in getting into the upcoming VR craze, but are worried about the steep prices on Rift and Vive, you might be in luck with Razer's HDK 2.  Come inside to learn more about the new headset that's launching at just $399.

Watch the New Movie Trailer for Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV

While showing off the game at this year's E3, Square Enix has also dropped a gorgeous looking new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV movie that's set to tie-in to the main game.  Come inside to check it out! 

Hands-On With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Preview)

On the E3 show floor today, I had the opportunity to play the most anticipated game of the entire expo Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I'm more than happy to bring you my initial thoughts on the new game from my time with it. Come inside to learn more and see what I thought!

Nintendo Brings a Stunning Trailer For The Legend of Zelda: Breath...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is at E3 this year and Nintendo is putting it on full display! Check out the latest trailer and new details after the jump!

E3 2016 Day 2 Recap: Sony Makes Its Mark While EA...

Yesterday Matt and Eric took a bit of a break from the press conference circuit to get a little gaming in at EA Play.  We got hands-on time with Titanfall 2, Battlefield I, and FIFA/Madden 17 and are ready to tell you what we thought.  Later on we had front row seats for the PlayStation!  Come inside to read more about our E3 2016 day two adventure!

Watch Nintendo’s E3 2016 Live Stream!

The last couple days have been filled with big conferences and tons of games, but this morning brings about Nintendo's chance to showcase their new Legend of Zelda and a couple other things.  Come inside to watch it live with us right here! 

God Of War Revealed At Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Not only did Sony reveal a brand new entry in the God of War franchise during their PlayStation E3 conference, they did so with a lengthy, gorgeous, and brutal gameplay demo. 

Detroit: Become Human E3 Trailer Shows The Consequences of Choice

During a near perfect presentation Sony gave us a look at  a new game from Quantic Dream Called Detroit: Become Human, which shows off the various ways a situation can be affected by your choices in the game.  Come inside to check it out! 

The Casual Cinecast Breaks Down Our Most Anticipated Films of 2021

Mike, Chris, and Justin are back in a new episode of the Casual Cinecast devoted entirely to looking ahead at the many films coming...