Why EA’s Closure of Maxis Feels So Wrong

While most of us have been focused on GDC, EA shut down development studio Maxis.  While it’s not the TOTAL end of studio (Maxis Emeryville,  the studio behind SimCity, Spore and The Sims, received the boot) as Maxis will still be operating in a number of other offices spread out across America, the UK, China, India and Finland, the way in which it was handled is what’s making us the most upset. 

Unreal Engine 4 Is Free For All Developers and Education

Unreal Engine powers a lot of games you play today, and a lot of indie developers can utilize it to make impressive titles...so everyone should be pretty happy to hear the UE4 is now free for developers!  Come inside to learn more about today's announcement.

Club Nintendo Rewards Program is Going Away

Nintendo's loyalty reward program, in which gamers could earn coins for buying Nintendo games/products and turn them in for prizes is, sadly, going away.  Not all is lost, however, as they're planning on a new loyalty program down the road.  Come inside to read more about it!

5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Franchises Bioware Needs to Work With

BioWare has done some incredible things with the Star Wars license.  While there have been some stumbles with The Old Republic, it's hard to deny how good the company is at crafting memorable Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories in general (just look at the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises).  With another Star Wars game apparently in the works from them, I got to thinking about which other Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises could use a great game from the Bioware team.

Game of the Year Awards – Jordan’s Top 5

As we wind 2014 down, we’re taking a look at the best games of 2014 leading up to our Game of the Year selection.  Today, I’m presenting my five favorite games of the year and why they’re worth consideration for the top honors.  Come inside and have a look!

Watch The Game Awards Live With Us at Cinelinx

It may have a different name, but The Game Awards are back, and happening tonight to celebrate the year's biggest and best from the game industry.  On top of the awards, several new (and old) games will be making appearances to show off what's coming in the future.  You can watch it all, live, right here with us!

PS4 Update Fixes Sleep Mode Issues

When PS4 finally hit update 2.0 many people were excited for the new features, but with them came problems. We noted a sleep issue that was hurting many users, but that issue is now fixed.

Twitch Releases Their Full E3 2014 Streaming Schedule

It's almost here!  E3 2014 is just around the corner, and gamers all over are getting anxious to see what this year's even will bring.  As has been the case over the last several years, the major things will be streamed live online for gamers to watch in the comfort of their own home, including several playthrough demos.  If you plan on watching them, then you're in luck as Twitch has released their E3 streaming schedule so you can know what's going to be on, and when.  Come inside to check it out!

Take a Heartbreaking Look at the Darth Maul Game we Never...

Darth Maul has long been a favorite character of Star Wars fans, and his return in Star Wars The Clone Wars made for one of the better storylines in that series.  As such, it's suprising that he never really got a game all to himself, despite having grown in popularity through the show and comics.  Now it's been revealed that a Darth Maul focused game (incorporating stealth and more violent tactics) was in the works before being cancelled in 2011.  While we'll never get to play the game, you can now see what could have been via a quick gameplay video and concept art.  Come check it out, but be prepared to be real sad...

Uncharted’s Creative Director Will Lead Visceral Games’ Upcoming Star Wars Video...

Last month we reported that Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig, who was the Creative Director on the incredibly popular and successful Uncharted game series, had left the company in order to work for EA.  Today, we get to find out why she decided to leave; so that she can work on a brand new Star Wars game.  

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