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5 Things Mario Kart Can Teach Us About Life

Its not suprising that playing games can teach us a thing or two about life. Mario Kart is particularly brutal and fun, in this editorial we take 5 things this leviathan of a racer can teach us about the real world.

I Would Play LEGO: The Last of Us All Damn Day

I've mentioned a few times (just as recently as this morning actually) how much I love the LEGO video games, and their unique brand of humor and gameplay.  Today brings us a great video featuring "gameplay" of what a LEGO adaptation of this year's amazing The Last of Us would look like.  It's definitely not for kids...

Gamer’s Christmas Wish List 2013

The holiday season is now firmly upon us and it’s time to kick your Christmas shopping into high gear.  Chances are, with the way things are now, there’s at least one person on your shopping list who happens to be a gamer.  While games are always an obvious choice to go with, our staff of gamers here on Cinelinx has come up with their own wish list of video game related Christmas gifts that should help you find the perfect surprise for the gamer in your life.

Retro Games That Deserve a Reboot: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Being that today is Halloween and Throwback Thursday, I thought it was a great time to revive my article series on classic games that deserve a reboot.  In keeping with the Halloween festivities, I’ve decided to talk about Zombies Ate My Neighbors, one of the most popular retro titles for the SNES and Sega Genesis. 

This Animated Nintendo/Star Wars Mash-Up is Possibly the Best Thing You’ll...

There are very few things in life I love as much as Star Wars, but among them would probably be my passion for retro video games.  This new animated short film from James Farr combines both of those into one of the best things I'll see all week for sure.  Come inside to see what happens when the world of Nintendo combines with Star Wars, and try to spot all of the various references! 

Video Game Music Cover Band Critical Hit Releases Debut Album

World of Warcraft Composer and former Blizzard employee Jason Hayes has created the ultimate all-star video game cover band, who performs their own arrangement of some of the most beloved and classic gaming soundtracks out there.  The performers of Critical Hit are varied and talented (some even hailing from Cirque du Soleil), and today marks the release of their debut album.  Come inside to find out how to get your hands (and ears) on it, as well as watch their debut music video!

Fan Embarks on a Journey to Recreate Final Fantasy VII…in 2D

Some people love Final Fantasy VII, and some people LOVE Final Fantasy VII.  This web programmer out of Australia falls into the latter category as he's begun recreating the classic game as a 2D-Demake, in the style of older SNES RPG games.  Come inside to check out what he's done with it so far, and generally how aweome it looks. 

This 8-Bit G.I. Joe Retaliation is Better Than the Film

I've been convinced for quite some time now that 8-bit video games can make just about anything in life better.  More proof of this has come in the form of this video, showing what the latest G.I. Joe film would be like in the form of an old NES game. 

Cool Case Mods for Your (Soon-to-Be) Outdated Consoles

We're on the cusp of E3 and this year will bring us not one, but two brand new next-generation consoles.  This means that for all intents and purposes, the current consoles in our households are about to be outdated hardware.  While some will inevitably trade-in or sell their older consoles, many will still be holding on to them (especially since you can't transfer your digital games).  Rather than look like "old" hardware, why not spruce it up with some unique modifications? 

A DS Homebrew of Portal? Yes Please!

Apparently the Nintendo's DS is still a happening console for homebrewers who like to make their own software or games for the system.  Sometimes you see something cool, and other times you see something that you desperately want to play.  Such is the case today with this homebrewed version of Portal for the handheld. 

Will Ghost of Tsushima Be The Next Dark Souls? | 2nd...

Welcome to another episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In today's episode, we talk about the open-world aspect of The Last of Us 2,...