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Focal Point: Twice the Pride, Double the Fall

This week's edition of the Focal Point comic strip gets a little spooky and sometimes it's just best to admit when it happens... I am...

70 Dollar Games Is A Step Backward

A recent release noted that 2K plans a rather obnoxious pricing scheme for NBA 2K21. Not only will the yearly released NBA title not...

The OlliOlli Franchise Skates Onto Nintendo Switch Next Month

The 2D skateboarding thrills of OlliOlli is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month with OlliOlli: Switch Stance allowing gamers the chance to play on the go or pick it up for the first time. Come inside for all the details!

Unboxing Starlink: Battle For Atlas Toys (Star Fox Starter Pack)

As the resident Star Fox fanboy on the site, I was eager to get my hands on the new Starlink: Battle For Atlas toys featuring the iconic Arwing. Watch as I take the new toys for a spin and talk about my experiences with the game so far!

I’m on the Hype Train for These 5 Games at E3...

E3 2018 is over but the hype on some of the newly revealed games is just getting started. While there were plenty exciting games on display, these are the ones I've completely joined the hype train for. 

Call of Duty: WWII Second DLC – The War Machine Gets...

Call of Duty: WWII - The War Machine is the second DLC for Call of Duty: WWII. Find out more about new missions and the next chapter of Nazi Zombies, right here!

Steep: Road to the Olympics

It’s time to return to the slopes, this time with an Olympic twist in the new expansion for Ubisoft’s Steep.  While the “story” mode is a bit more limiting, the new challenges are worth taking on.  Come inside for my full review!

This Friday Cinelinx Presents UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

This Friday, the landscape of the United Gaming Federation will take shape as 8 competitors will enter the arena to face off in another epic tournament!  Plus, the Cinelinx UGF Championship is on the line!  Come inside to find out how it'll go down and how you can win Destiny 2 on PS4!

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

The adorable and yarn-filled adventure of Yoshi’s Wooly World has come to the 3DS  with some additional features and new levels to enjoy.  Is the cutesie platformer worth your time?  Come inside to check out my full review!

Nintendo reveals new Pikachu 3DS XL, Mario Sports, and Pikmin 3DS...

While Nintendo fans are, understandly, keeping their focus on the impending Switch console release that doesn't mean the company isn't working on other things for their handheld console as well. Today they revealed a Pokemon themed version of the New 3DS XL and some upcoming games to be on the look out for.  Come inside for more details! 

Focal Point: Rush to the Crown

Getting sucked into a new game can have detrimental affects on the rest of your production output in this week's Focal Point. There are games...