2nd Opinion Podcast #243 | 2018 was a Crazy Ass year...

The 2nd Opinion crew is bacck again for our Year in Review episode. We talk about the best games of 2018, the best games of 2019, and our favorite moments from the year!

Cinelinx Game Of The Year Winners 2016

This year we are handling GOTY a bit different than your standard approach. Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes, which means not everyone will agree that a single game is better than everything else. That’s why. we want to give our whole team a chance to tell you what they loved this year because you might agree with one and not the other. Instead of listing out genre’s and picking single winners for each category, we present the Cinelinx Gamer's Awards.

The Fathergamer Podcast 2015 GOTY Special

After a very long hiatus, TFGP is back to bring you a brand spanking new episode where Eric and Kyle start the year off right by breaking down their favorite games of 2015, while also discussing their most disappointing games of 2015.  Come inside to have a listen to our special GOTY episode! 

Game Of The Year Awards – Dustin’s Picks

Every year we host the Game of the Year Awards, and every year our diverse group suggests multiple games for every category. Then when the overall GOTY comes we have a hard time deciding on just one winner. Then we thought long and hard about it. We have multiple people review games because different people like different games. One person might love Fallout, while another isn’t in to it. So if we change it up for reviews, why not do it when we are saying what the best games are? That way every group of people know what to be on the lookout for. So that is what we did. This year our GOTY Awards are split up to each person, and each person will have a new victor.

Cinelinx Game of The Year Winners

2014 is soon coming to an end and you’ve hopefully been reading our staff’s game of the year picks leading up to now. This is it, this is when we select the best games that released all this year. We will say the hardest award was selecting our “most anticipated” title, which means next year is going to be even more exciting! This year we got to explore the depths of Destiny and fight in Dragon Age, so it was a fun year! We won’t keep you from the awards, here is our staff picks and their opinions on those picks!

Game of The Year Awards – Dustin’s Top 5

It is the end of the year which means we have all kinds of awards heading our way to tell us what the best of the best is. We decided to delay ours a little bit to allow the last of the years games to come out, and to also do something special. Every year we do a behind the scenes discussion on what the staff thinks should win each award. The winners then get announced and we tell you why we picked that game. This year we thought we would show you who our staff is nominating, and why they are brought up in these discussions. We will tell you the overall winners this Friday, but to kick things off here are Dustin’s top 5 games of the year!

Everything Is Canon: We Could Be Heroes

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