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Christian Bale: “I Didn’t Quite Nail It As Batman”

 Christian Bale admits he was jealous of Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight. Bale explains how watching Ledger’s amazing performance as the Joker made him feel disappointed in his own work.

Oscar Winning Villain Performances

The performance of an actor playing a villainous role can sometimes be the most interesting part of the film. This is an in-depth look at some of those performances which were awarded with an Oscar.

The Legacy of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy: Good or Bad?

While Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is acknowledged as a triumph of the action film/comic book genres, did the series ultimately do as much harm as good to the entertainment industry? As well done as they films were, is the vast shadow from the Nolan/Bale trilogy doing damage to the film/TV medium?

Directors’ Trademarks: Terry Gilliam


Most directors have an identifiable style consistent with their approach and perspective. Each week Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This week, we examine the trademark style and calling signs of Terry Gilliam. 


Everything Is Canon: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

In this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve is joined by author Sarah Kuhn as they discuss her brand-new audio drama "Star Wars: Doctor...