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New James Bond Video Game in the Works from Hitman Developers

This morning brings word of a brand new James Bond game currently in development from IO Interactive, the devs behind the Hitman franchise. Well...

The Music of Hitman Comes to the Game Music Festival This...

Agent 47 has sent a rather intimidating invitation to attend this year's Game Music Festival in Poland. Give a listen for more information. We live...

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Coming Soon in 4K

Hitman is a beloved series by many, and it's been surprising to me that, in a time of remakes and remasters, that Hitman was nowhere to be seen. Well, here it is, Hitman Blood Money and Absolution are getting 4K remasters! Read more to find out what these remasters will bring to the table! 

IO Interactive Brings Hitman 1 Levels to Hitman 2’s World of...

Hitman 2 is about to get a whole lot bigger within the World of Assassination!  IO has designs on returning the world's greatest assassin to some familiar cities!  More within...

HITMAN 2 Sniper Assassin Competition Announced

Ready to prove your skills as a sniper? Hitman 2's Sniper Assassin Competition is underway, and you can enter to win a chance to have your likeness added in future content! We've got a trailer and all the details, right here!

WB Announces IO Interactive Partnership, HITMAN 2 Coming This Year!

Agent 47 is back and this time he has the WB on his side!

HITMAN: Definitive Edition Available in May

Hitman: Definitive Edition is coming soon! Find out what the Definitive Edition will have in store and when it'll release, right here!

Craft the Perfect Assassin With the Hitman 101 Gameplay Trailer

With the first season of the episodic Hitman series ending, Square Enix and IO Interactive are gearing up release the complete first season a couple of weeks.  Before they do, they'd like to teach you what it takes to be an assassin! 

‘The Enforcer’ is Your Next Target in the Hitman Sarajevo Six...

Agent 47 has just received a new contract for one of The Sarajevo Six.  Watch the latest trailer for the next bonus contract for Hitman.

Hitman Trailer, Beta Details, And More Released

This morning, IO Interactive released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Hitman game along with details on the upcoming BETA and much more.  Come inside to take a look for yourself. 

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