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George Lucas Is Not Involved With Indiana Jones 5 Story

The writing for Indiana Jones 5 is well underway!  Except, a familiar main-stay won't be part of the process this time.  Find out why George Lucas isn't involved after the jump.

5 Reasons Why No One Besides Harrison Ford Will Play Indiana...

There are few film characters who are so closely identified with a single actor as INDIANA JONES is with Harrison Ford. It’s hard to imagine someone else wearing the fedora. Could anyone else play the role as well as Ford? We’ll probably never know, because the part is unlikely to ever be recast. Here are 5 reasons why no one else will pick up the whip other than Ford.

Worst Indiana Jones Film: Temple of Doom vs. Crystal Skull

Is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull really the worst Indiana Jones movie out there?  We dive into the beloved franchise to see and make the argument that Temple of Doom is as bad—or worse—than Crystal Skull is. 

Long Gaps Between Sequels: Revisiting Old Franchises is Becoming a More...

At one time, it was almost unheard of for a sequel to be made beyond five years after the original (or the previous entry) came out. In recent years, we’ve had many franchises being revisited after several decades, as well as there being other old film series due to be revived soon. Is this becoming a new trend, and if it is, is it a good idea? Does it help or hurt the business?

Instant Debate: How to Make Indiana Jones 5 Work

Many of you may have heard by now, the rumors floating around about Robert Pattinson being considered to play Dr. Jones in some sort of new Indiana Jones reboot for Disney/Lucasfilm. While our own sources have raised some eyebrows at the idea, this got our staff to discussing how Disney should move forward with the Indiana Jones franchise, and potentially reboot it. Come inside to see our contributors’ thoughts on the subject and add in your own!

Would A New Indiana Jones Film Reinvigorate Both Harrison Ford and...

Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have all said they'd like to do another Indiana Jones movie at some point, so that the franchise doesn’t end of the sour Crystal Skull note. Could a new Indy film save Harrison Ford’s faded star power?

First photos from Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ are out

Can you believe the last Steven Spielberg film was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?  It seems like an eternity since then.  We've seen The Dark Knight, District 9, and Avatar in that time.  But in 2011, Spielberg is making a comeback. In December, he'll have TWO movies in theaters at the same time.  We've seen images from the first film...but what about the second?

Some Like it Hot in The Latest Casually Criterion Episode

Chris, Justin, and Mike are back for the first Casual Cinecast episode of the New Year as we discuss Criterion's Some Like it Hot,...