Haden Blackman Reveals What the Future of The Force Unleashed Could...


Ever wondered what The Force Unleashed 3 would have been about, had the developers gotten the chance to make it?  While talking with former LucastArts Creative Director Haden Blackman about the games, he revealed what could have been in store for the franchise.  Come inside to see his remarks.

The Fathergamer Podcast #29 – Michael Mendheim Speaks!


This week on TFGP, Eric and Jordan welcome Michael Mendheim, the creator of the original Mutant League Football game on the SNES and Genesis to the show.  Inside Michael talks about what he's working on, what games he's playing (or not playing), and dishes on what he learned from his recent unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to reboot the retro franchise.  Come inside to hear what this gaming legend has to say!

TMP Interviews: Matt & Letia Clouston of Broken Toy (Part 1)


TheMoviePool is about all things film related whether it is a short Indie film or a major motion picture production.  We like to give everyone a chance to shine, and this next interview certainly involves a group with loads to show off.  The pictures alone are enough to intrigue one into a viewing!  Check out our interview with Matt and Letia Clouston of Forewarned Films, an independent film production company, as we discuss their latest project: A web series of short films titled Broken Toy about a military experiment to create a super soldier gone terribly wrong.

More Star Wars Holiday-Themed Black Series Figures Arrive This Fall

This morning, Hasbro has officially revealed a new batch of Christmas/Holiday themed Star Wars toys joining The Black Series line...and where to pick them...